Code of Ethics - Ассоциация больших данных
Code of Ethics

The rapid growth of technology and automation of business has provoked generation and accumulation by companies a large amount of data and made technologies of Data Science widely spread. Big Data not only changes traditional business models, but also sets the development of some areas of the economy for the future.

The rapid development of the use of data in addition to prospects carries risks for citizens, businesses and the state. The main risk is the misuse of such data, as well as cybersecurity problems. Technologies are rapidly developing and the demand for Big Data is growing, the tools for regulating this market are not sufficiently developed. Leading Russian companies have decided to independently create favorable business environment in the field of Big Data and ensure the protection of citizens interests by defining ethical boundaries and standards for the use of Big Data.

In order to establish rules for interaction in the new sphere and minimize risks, leading digital technology development institutions (the Big Data Association and the Internet Development Institute) initiated the creation of A code of ethics for the use of data, an industry self-regulatory act that fixes the basic principles of working with data.

A code of ethics for the use of data (rus).pdf

The purpose of the document:
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    To fix the basic principles of interaction between stakeholders: citizens, business and the state

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    Regulate universal rules that define the limits of acceptable behavior for the entire professional community

The code includes the principles of professional ethics in the collection, processing and use of data. As an essentional part the document, the Code will follow a Register of conscientious parties and a Whitelist of data market participants, which will contain examples of responsible handling with data. A code of ethics for the use of data is managed by the data ethics Council that will monitor compliance with the principles of the document with affiliated participants.This structure functions to update and develop the provisions of the code that can form the basis for future legislation.

Join Code of Ethics:

The code is open to new participants who are ready to support the declared principles and norms. To learn more about the procedure for joining, please visit the website of the Analytical Center for the government of the Russian Federation.