Big Data Association (Russia) - BigData and AI Startups

One of the important activities of the Big Data Association in the big data market is the creation of an ecosystem for tech startups in the field of big data analytics. The Association members are planning to create the environment, including sandboxes, where young teams will be able to test their business models on a part of the data of the Association members – financial, Internet and telecom companies. Therefore, helping startups, the Association sees its role in stimulating innovation for the development of the Russian data market. Special attention will be paid to the observance of data security and the interests of the clients of the organization’s members.

We invite startups to cooperate and we are ready (under the condition of selection by the team) to share our data on a pro bono basis so that young projects can try their models and look for the right interaction mechanisms. According to the results of the test, if the team proposes new interesting algorithms, we are ready to recommend a startup to venture funds and internal technological laboratories of the participants and partners of the Association.