R&D_en - Ассоциация больших данных

The Big Data Association has created a data sandbox for unique experiments.

Access to the BDA Sandbox is an opportunity to test your hypotheses and business models on real data sets of leading companies in the Russian market, including combined cross-sectoral data from multiple sources.

Sandbox deployment principles:

  • Equal distance of infrastructure from all market players;
  • Isolation of datasets and their inalienability; 
  • Universal technology stack;  
  • Secure loop (technological and organisational measures).

R&D sandbox

  • BDA operator
  • Separate storage of data from different suppliers
  • Separation of powers and responsibilities,audit of activities
  • Up-to-date technology stack for data analysis
  • The role of the controller is provided for Roskomnadzor


  • Scalable interactive data environment
  • Closed technology infrastructure for data sampling and algorithm libraries, interoperability between each other and sandbox administration
  • Access to a library of tagged partner and counterparty data samples
  • Access to a library of open source technologies, algorithms and data models
  • Tools for uploading and marking up data samples into the sandbox
  • Information security tools and processes (including external audit tools)
  • Populated data and model libraries

Data and privacy

  • Depersonalisation of personal data and the ban on de-identification
  • Unauthorized access to other people’s data is excluded
  • Building a key for crossing data from different suppliers (without exchange confidential knowledge)
  • Extracting data from the sandbox not provided

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