Strategy - Ассоциация больших данных

Approaches of using data are changing rapidly every day. The amount of processed information is growing steadily. According to the results of the BCG study the Big Data market in Russia in 2019 is estimated at 45 billion rubles. The annual growth rate of the market since 2015 is estimated at 12%.

Taking into account the current dynamics of growth and transformation of the data market, there was a need to make a comprehensive assessment of development tools and barriers, as well as the economic potential of the new industry. We, the Big Data Association, as the main center of expertise in the field of data, are interested in creating favorable environment for the development of technologies and products in the field of Big Data in Russia. Together with The Boston Consulting Group, we undertook industry research and have developed a strategy for the Big Data market development by 2024.

Brief strategy (rus).pdf

The implementation of this strategy thanks to the introduction of Big Data technologies in such areas as health care and smart city will significantly improve the quality of life of Russian citizens. The development of the Big Data market should also lead to economic growth. We expect growth of 0.3% of the country’s GDP. According to preliminary estimates, the increase may reach about 3 trillion rubles by 2024.

To achieve these objectives, we work with leading market participants to reduce and eliminate barriers that are obstructing development and creation favorable environment for the development of data market.

In the next two years, the Big Data Association plans to implement
a Strategy in three main courses:
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    Improving data availability

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    Developing Big Data market

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    Scaling up Big Data market

In the course of the work, it is planned to implement projects: to create a «data sandbox» for the Association, to develop recommendations for the harmonization of legislation and to organize access of various industries for state and commercial data, as well as projects aimed at informing citizens about the Big Data industry.

The research about data market with scenarios of development and with main points of the strategy can be found here.

You can get the full version of the strategy and the research by the request at

The press conference with developers of the strategy is available here.