Big Data Association (Russia) - Board
Vladimir Mesropyan
MegaFon's Director of Government Relations
Boris Rabinovich
Senior Managing Director - Director of Sberbank's Data Management Department
Igor Alekseev
Director of Public Relations and Corporate Relations
Valeria Pavlyukova
Head of Legal Department, Deputy Chairman of the Board,
Tinkoff Bank
Konstantin Golub
Director of public relations, Group
Natalia Puzyrnikova
Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank
Yuliya Bogacheva
Chief Data and Analytics Officer,
Boris Glazkov
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives,
Mikhail Dubin
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Center for Reaseach of Perspective Technologies
Romanov Konstantin
Director of big data products and technologies, head of Big Data Center of Excellence VEON
Andrei Rego
MTS Vice President for Government Relations
Igor Drozdov
Chairman of the Board of Skolkovo Foundation
Maxim Konovalikhin
Senior Vice President, Head of Data Analysis and Modellingat VTB
Elmanova Ekaterina
Director of Corporate Development Department