Big Data Association (Russia) - Terms of Entry
Terms of Entry

The Big Data Association is open to new members – current companies operating large data bases from the banking, fiscal, insurance, Internet and telecommunications industries, as well as working in the field of processing and storing biometric data. It is important for a potential participant to have services or projects implemented using big data technologies. The participation in the Association requires its members to involve their human and financial resources to solve the problems of the Organization.

The admission of new members to the Association is carried out by decision of the board.

The Association members have equal rights and equal responsibilities. All members of the Association undertake to comply with the requirements of the charter and other internal documents of the organization, including the ethical code of big data usage. The representatives of each participant are included in the board of the Association and are engaged in the work of all relevant committees.

Documents required for entry:

  • application for membership;
  • motivation letter;
  • notarized copies of constituent documents;
  • notarized copies of the certificate of state registration of the legal entity and the income tax registration certificate;
  • documents confirming the authority of the person to act on behalf of the applicant – a legal entity (copy of the decision on the appointment or election for the position of the sole executive body / letter of attorney to act on behalf of the applicant, issued in according to established procedure).