Big Data Association (Russia) - Our team
Our team
The leaders of the Association's committees
Strategic committee
Maria Polikanova
Managing Director of Sberbank
Legal and Compliance Committee
Igor Alekseev
Director for Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, Yandex
Public Relations Committee
Alexey Panshin
Head of External Communications, Beeline
R&D Committee
Yulia Bogacheva
Director of Data Management and Analysis, QIWI
Alexey Neyman
Executive Director of the Big Data Association

Alexey Neiman graduated from Moscow State Aviation Institute with a degree in Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, holds an MBA degree from the joint program of INSEAD Business School and Sberbank Corporate University, and holds international professional certificates Project Manager Professional (PMP) and Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP). A recognized expert in the field of data technologies, he has more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in system integrators, consulting, financial structures, and has more than 70 implemented IT, infrastructure and other projects.

Under Alexey’s leadership, the Big Data Association created and recognized by the largest businesses the Code of Data Ethics, as well as the Data Market Development Strategy until 2024.

Currently Alexey manages a portfolio of ABD projects aimed at implementing the Strategy, in particular, a project to deploy a data sandbox was implemented, a risk-oriented approach to working with data was developed, and a training and certification center for data managers – FIT Academy Russia – was opened

Ekaterina Golysheva
Ekaterina Golysheva
Head of Press Service of the Big Data Association

Ekaterina graduated with honors from the State University of Management with a degree in public relations. Her second higher education was in the field of digital marketing with the qualification of Internet Marketing Director.

In recent years, Ekaterina’s professional interest has been focused on communications in financial technologies, big data technologies, artificial intelligence, as well as in the IT sphere in general. Regular interaction with major players in this market has provided her with invaluable experience and considerable expertise.

Ekaterina has more than 9 years of experience both on the side of consulting PR-agencies and in the role of internal PR-expert and head of communications. In particular, Ekaterina was responsible for PR of such projects as blockchain platform Masterchain and fast payment system – SBP.

Currently Ekaterina is the head of the press service of the Big Data Association, and for more than 3 years she has been leading the PR committee of the Association, which implies not only communication support of the Association, but also interaction with leading players of the technology market such as Yandex, Sber, VK, QIWI, Tinkoff, Skolkovo Foundation and others. In addition, under Ekaterina’s leadership, she provides information support for all projects of the association, in particular, the Code of Ethics for the use of data, popularization of the Big Data Market Development Strategy until 2024. Ekaterina also organized a successful industry forum First Russian Data Forum with the participation of the Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadaev and other representatives of relevant government agencies.

Marat Takhaviev
Marat Takhaviev
Head of GR-projects at the Big Data Association

Over 6 years of experience in the development of regulation of innovative industries, including the development and promotion of regulatory initiatives, as well as the organization of specialized events. He has experience of working in government agencies, development institutions and business associations.

Currently, he manages the Association’s projects aimed at creating regulatory conditions for data circulation in Russia, including the introduction of a risk-oriented approach to the regulation of anonymized data, the establishment of experimental legal regimes in the field of data and the development of self-regulation in this area. In addition, he acted as the program director of the First Russian Data Forum 2023, developing the forum scenario with the involvement of relevant speakers from government agencies and market participants.

In 2016, he completed a master’s degree at the Faculty of Law of the National Research University Higher School of Economics under the Corporate Lawyer program.

Gleb Shuklin
Gleb Shuklin
Coordinator of the Strategic Committee of the Big Data Association

Gleb Shuklin has been involved in the Internet industry since 2012. At different times he has participated in the work of various groups and commissions on the development of the Internet economy and transformation of legislation in connection with the development of digital technologies: coordinator of the commission of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications on e-commerce, member of the RAEC commissions on legal issues and information security and cybercrime; member of the working groups on amendments to civil legislation on intellectual property and free licenses, on the preparation of the Long-Term State Strategy for the Development of the Internet Economy and on the transformation of legislation in connection with the development of digital technologies.

Author of analytical publications on the topics of users’ rights on the Internet, identification issues, transformation of copyright on the Internet. Co-author of research works in the areas of user identification and authentication, national digital infrastructure services, regulation of data circulation, smart cars, regulation of telemedicine services, biometric identification systems. Developer of concepts and strategies on the topics of regulatory and legal regulation of big data, changes in Russian legislation regarding the consent of the subject of personal data, experimental legal regimes in the field of data.

Stanislav Churutkin
Stanislav Churutkin
Technology Project Manager, Big Data Association

Graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Transport (MIIT) with a specialization in "Robots and robotic complexes". He received additional education in advertising and PR. He has 10 years of experience in IT project management, including the development of services and products based on Big Data. With a team of like-minded people he has implemented projects for media, telecom, real estate developers, airlines and metallurgical companies. Currently, he coordinates the Association's portfolio of R&D projects, including such projects as: experimental study of the usefulness of synthetic data and the possibility of its use as an alternative to industrial data, piloting a new data service in order to study the demand from small and medium-sized businesses for Big Data services and services, creating a trusted cloud platform for joint PoC implementation, hypothesis testing and ML-model design.

Tatyana Klepikova
Executive Secretary of the Big Data Association

Tatyana graduated from the National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics’ in the major of Law. In 2016 she received a master degree in the field of Information Law and Intellectual Property. She also studied IT/IP and e-commerce courses at the University of Arkansas.

Tatyana is an author of 10 and more scientific publications, a contributor and lecturer of a number of disciplines, e.g., ‘Information Technologies in Lawyer Activities’, ‘Law in Telecommunications and Media’ in the Higher School of Economics.