The ALR held the discussion session "Digitalization of national jurisdiction" at SPBILF 9 ¾ - Ассоциация больших данных
The ALR held the discussion session “Digitalization of national jurisdiction” at SPBILF 9 ¾
24 May 2021

The Association of Lawyers of Russia (ALR) held the discussion session “Digitization of national jurisdiction” as part of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The experts of the session included Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for State Construction and Legislation and Co-Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, Maxim Beskhmelnitsyn, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, Roman Artyukhin, Head of the Federal Treasury, Igor Kondrashov, Vice President and Director of the Legal Department at PAO SberBank, and Anna Serebryanikova, President of the Big Data Association.

Session moderator Vladimir Gruzdev, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, welcomed the participants. In his opening remarks, he noted that a great leap towards digitalization has been made today in many legal spheres. “The pandemic has accelerated the development of digital tools in the notarial sphere, the legal profession, and e-justice,” he stated.

In the conversation, experts noted that Russia’s digital transformation requires further and more efficient work with big data as well as the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. The speakers also discussed how the digital transformation of jurisdiction will change society and the economy, how to effectively protect the information, how the national jurisdiction should change in the coming years, and other topical matters. 

In his speech, Pavel Krasheninnikov touched upon the pressing topic of digital legislation development. 

Roman Artyukhin spoke about the innovations of the Federal Treasury and the digitalization of the budget law. 

Maxim Beskhmelnitsyn elaborated on the digital transformation of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. He said that by 2022, electronic registration is planned for non-profit organizations.

Igor Kondrashov devoted his speech to new opportunities for the development of digital technologies. He observed that lawyers of Sber are currently creating a new digital reality for the client. This includes the robotization of legal processes and the implementation of Agile in legal process management.

The expert also provided statistics on Sber’s legal functions. For example, in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, more than 790 thousand lawsuits were filed, of which more than 670 thousand were filed with the help of Al-technologies. Over the same period, 4,812,643 requests for legal expertise were also recorded, of which 3,368,850 were handled with the help of a robot lawyer. 

Anna Serebryannikova spoke about how artificial intelligence technologies can be applied to create recommendation services for lawyers. She listed the main obstacles that exist in this regard and focused on the great existing opportunities and prospects. 

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