Big Data Association (Russia) - Market Participants

“We consistently oppose to any collection and usage of data by commercial structures without the user’s consent … Group is the largest holding in Russia by daily audience. The company develops the unified integrated platform of communication and entertainment Internet services. The company owns a leading postal service, one of the most visited portals in Runet, leading Russian-language social networks - VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, a portfolio of the largest online games, including projects such as Warface, Skyforge and Perfect World, international mobile games, for example, War Robots and Hustle Castle. Group owns the two largest search and order services of ready-made food and products - Delivery Club and ZakaZaka, as well as Yula – free service of announcements linked to geolocation. Group owns mobile games developer Pixonic, one of the largest eSports companies in the world ESforce, MAPS.ME service, which provides offline maps and mobile navigation based on OpenStreetMap data, majority stake at GeekBrains - an educational online platform for programmers. Moreover, Group also possesses minority stakes in a number of Internet companies in Russia, other CIS countries and Israel. The company actively develops IT education in Russia and implements a number of educational projects in partnership with leading Russian universities. Furthermore, Group also holds the most important Russian programming championships.
Boris Dobrodeev
CEO of Mail.Ru Group in Russia
"We consistently oppose to any collection and usage of data by commercial structures without the user’s consent and believe that the Association should become a platform for the elaboration of uniform and transparent rules of interaction."
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“We believe that the Association can become an expert platform within the framework …

The history of Yandex began long before the formation of the company - back in the early 1990s. The company itself appeared in 2000 - three years after the launch of the web portal At that time, the team consisted of 25 people, and all the data were placed on one server. Nowadays Yandex has offices and representative establishments in nine countries, about 8,000 people work for the company. In Russia, the home country of Yandex, its search share comprises 56.4% (Yandex.Radar, March 2018). The services and mobile applications of Yandex are used by 90.4% of the Internet audience in Russian cities with population exceeding 100 thousand people (Mediascope Web Index, November 2017, users from 12 to 64 years old, taking into account mobile devices). The company also operates in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. The sale of advertising is the basic income Yandex. Technologies of the company allow advertising on desktop and mobile devices and choosing the appropriate target audience. The company offers a comprehensive service for working with all types of advertisements – Yandex.Direct, as well as analytical tools for evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In 2002, the company became self-sustaining. Since then, the revenue of the company has been constantly growing. In May 2011, Yandex conducted IPO placing the shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market – a stock exchange specializing in high-tech companies. Ticker of Yandex - YNDX.
Igor Alekseev
Deputy Director for Corporate and Government Relations of Yandex
"We believe that the Association can become an expert platform within the framework of which business and government will be able to elaborate common principles for working with big data through joint efforts. Our primary task is to develop industry recommendations and standards that will help to understand what should be regarded as big data and what should not. Our experience is not inferior to international, Russian technology companies can use joint efforts to effectively and efficiently resolve all issues on this topic. Together we can elaborate a common code of ethics for companies working with big data."
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“Nowadays the use of big data is one of the most promising technologies, …

Gazprombank is one of the largest universal financial institutions of Russia, providing a wide range of banking, financial, investment products and services to corporate and private clients, financial institutions, institutional and private investors. The Bank ranks among the three largest banks in Russia according to all major indicators and occupies the third place in the list of banks in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of equity. The Bank serves enterprises and companies of key industries of the Russian economy. Retail business is also a strategically important direction of the bank, the scale of which is consistently increasing. Gazprombank has a serious stand on the domestic and international financial markets, being one of the Russian leaders in the organization and underwriting of corporate bond issues, asset management, private banking, corporate finance and other spheres of investment banking. About 5 million individuals and 45 thousand legal entities are among clients of Gasprombank. Currently, Gazprombank owns seven subsidiary banks in Russia, Belarus, Switzerland and Luxembourg, financial companies in Cyprus and Hong Kong, has representative offices in Astana (Kazakhstan), Beijing (China), Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and New Delhi (India). In Russia, the regional network of Gazprombank is represented by 20 subsidiary companies. The total number of offices providing high-quality banking services exceeds 350.
Vadim Kulik
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank
"Nowadays the use of big data is one of the most promising technologies, including the financial services sector. We expect that the Association’s work will contribute to its ongoing development, the creation of clear and understandable rules for this technology usage in our country, so that the introduction of big data into the daily work of companies can bring maximum benefit to our customers, both retail and corporate."
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“The understanding of importance and complexity of work with big data has come …

Sberbank is the largest Russian bank and one of the leading international financial institutions. Sberbank is the most expensive Russian brand, included in the top 25 world brands. Sberbank has 12 territorial banks that are responsible for the operation of more than 14 thousand units in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The foreign network of the bank consists of subsidiaries, affiliated enterprises and representative offices in 22 countries, including the Russian Federation, Turkey, the UK, the USA, as well as the regions of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe. More than 150 million customers use Sberbank services all over the world. Meanwhile, the number of active retail customers in Russia is about 92 million people, and corporate customers – over 2.4 million.
Sergey Fedorov
Managing Director of Sberbank
"The understanding of importance and complexity of work with big data has come to market participants long ago, therefore, the creation of the Association was a logical step for all of us. Big data usage not only opens unprecedented opportunities for business, but also imposes titanic responsibility. We are ready to work with our partners in order to create common standards of working with data, because it’s our firm belief that it is for this synergy of advanced expertise in the field of processes and technologies of working with data to achieve maximum efficiency and social benefits."
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“The establishment of the Big Data Association is underway on time, because it …

Tinkoff Bank is the first and only fully online bank in Russia, serving about eight million customers. The bank has no branches: all clients are served remotely through online channels and contact center. The bank’s cloud call center employs more than 10,000 people, which makes it one of the largest in Europe. The bank’s own network of 2500 representatives all over Russia allows to deliver products the day after the application is made. The bank develops the ecosystem, which provides financial and lifestyle services. In addition to classic banking products, it includes investments, travel, business services, mortgage contracts, insurance, mobile operator, entertainment and education. The bank was founded in 2006 by the enterpreneur Oleg Tinkov. The parent company of the bank, TCS Group Holding PLC, has been trading on the London Stock Exchange since October 2013. Net profit according to IFRS for the first nine months of 2018 amounted to 19 billion rubles, return on equity was 72.9%. Tinkoff Bank is the second largest player in the Russian market of credit cards by the volume of portfolio, with a market share of 11.4%. In 2018 Tinkoff Bank was recognized as the best online retail bank in the world, in 2018 and 2016 – the best online retail bank in Russia according to Global Finance and moreover, the Bank of the Year in Russia in 2017 and 2013 according to The Banker. The mobile application is a regular winner of industry rankings and awards (Deloitte 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Global Finance 2018).
Valeria Pavlyukova
Legal Department Director, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tinkoff Bank
"The establishment of the Big Data Association is underway on time, because it will allow all key market players and industry experts to sit down at the same negotiating table and elaborate uniform standards for interaction with big data, including situations with government participation. Tinkoff Bank has excellent expertise in this area, which we will be happy to share with the market players and the regulator in order to stimulate the further development of the economy with the help of the solutions worked out with the participation of the Association."
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“Participants of the big data market see an urgent need to establish flexible …

MegaFon PJSC is an all-Russian operator of digital opportunities, occupying a leading position in the telecommunications market. The company traditionally pays special attention to the quality of communication and provides its subscribers with Internet at the highest speeds. We possess a reward for the Fastest Mobile Network in Russia according to Ookla company. Early as 2012, we were the first in Russia to launch 4G LTE, and since February 2014 we have put into operation the world's first commercial network LTE-Advanced, increasing the data transmission rate to 300 Mbit/s. In 2017, we were one of the first companies in the world, which put the Gigabit LTE network in commercial operation and demonstrated a speed of 979 Mbit/s. Today, MegaFon has the largest network of base stations in the country: 227,961 stations, 87,611 of which are in accordance with the LTE standard. In the third quarter of 2018, the company served the interests of more than 75 million subscribers.
Anna Serebryanikova
Member of the Executive Board of MegaFon, President of the the Big Data Association
"Participants of the big data market see an urgent need to establish flexible and transparent rules for business development. We have created a self-regulatory organization whose activities will be based on the general principles of privacy, confidentiality of private information, the right to anonymity and control over the use of personalized data. The elaboration of a safe big data environment will help to shape new markets and innovative products. By our estimates, the general economic effect and the growth of revenues of all industries in Russia by processing and use of big data can reach 0.5-1.5% of GDP in the medium term (5 years). The Organization is open to admit new members."
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“The big data market in Russia has a great potential. It is important …

Rostelecom PJSC is the largest Russian provider of digital services and solutions, which is present in all market segments and covers millions of households, public and private organizations. Rostelecom is a leader in the market of high-speed Internet access services (12.0 million families) and paid TV (10.1 million families, of which 5.2 million are connected to the Interactive TV service). More than 1.2 million subscribers use the Rostelecom mobile connection. The company develops digital solutions for smart home, online education, telemedicine and other services. Rostelecom is the leader in the market of telecommunication services for Russian state authorities and corporate users of all levels. More than 1.0 million legal entities use high-speed Internet and VPN access services. The company is a recognized technology leader in innovative solutions in the sphere of e-government, cybersecurity, data centers and cloud computing, biometrics, healthcare, education, housing and communal services.
Boris Glazkov
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives of Rostelecom
"The big data market in Russia has a great potential. It is important to create flexible and transparent rules for the development of technologies, products and services with their usage, which can have a significant impact on the growth of the country's economy. Rostelecom has been working in the big data market for years and is ready to share the lessons learned and knowledge to take a consolidated position of the business that the Association represents."
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“OneFactor is engaged in the development of cloud services and the automation of …

OneFactor is engaged in the development of cloud services and the intellectual work automation based on the technology of machine and "deep" learning using neural networks. OneFactor services help to automate decision making and streamline processes in various business areas: retail, transportation, financial and telecom segments, advertising, as well as solve problems in the spheres of risk management, distribution development (retail chains), transport planning, and city management.
Roman Postnikov
CEO of oneFactor
"OneFactor is engaged in the development of cloud services and the automation of intellectual work based on the technology of machine and "deep" learning using neural networks. OneFactor services help automate decision making and optimize processes in different business areas: retail, transportation, financial and telecom segments, advertising, and also solve problems in the areas of risk management, distribution development (retail networks), transport planning, city management."
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“We are in favor of the goal of the Association – the creation …

QIWI is a leading provider of payment and financial services of a new generation in Russia and the CIS countries, which owns an integrated payment network allowing you to make payments via mobile, online and offline channels. Our network includes over 20.8 million virtual wallets and more than 149,000 terminals and payment acceptance outlets. QIWI services allow trading companies and customers to accept payments and make money transfers in cash or in electronic form amounting to over 89 billion rubles, bringing together more than 47 million customers who use network services not less than once a month. QIWI customers can use cash, prepaid cards and other cashless payment methods to pay for goods and services or make money transfers using online and offline payment instruments.
Julia Bogacheva
Chief Data and Analytics Officer QIWI
"We are in favor of the goal of the Association - the creation of favorable conditions for the development of technologies and products in Russian big data industry. For more than 10 years of company’s history, QIWI has gained significant experience in working with various types of data both from citizens and partner companies from many branches of business. We see a huge economic potential in the field of mutual enrichment of data from different operators and we understand what we can offer the market and the government to form a deliberated policy in the field of big data."
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